Its a knockout

Total Knockout *Bristol*

Total Knockout is one of the wettest, wildest and wackiest hen party activities that we offer.

  • Hilarious games and challenges
  • A full safety briefing on arrival
  • Approximately 3 hour activity
  • Inflatable obstacles



Product Description

If you are after a super fun activity which all of your group will love, then ‘Total Knockout’ will be absolutely perfect for all of you. As anyone who has ever seen the TV show will know, the Total Knockout activity involves all sorts of hilariously absurd games and challenges which are sure to have everyone laughing their heads off.


The fun begins with a warm up to get everyone in the right frame of mind to get stuck into the games. As you slip your head up the backside of a 12-foot penguin you may well begin to wonder about the wisdom of the round of tequila slammers you bought at 3am the previous morning. Teams will face everything from giant costumes, inflatable obstacles and plenty of foam and water. Giant costumes and bouncy castles are the order of the day! You will face all sorts of tasks, such as building a giant burger, climbing a slippery summit or fighting through a giant washing machine. This is your chance to recreate the mayhem of one of the all-time classic BBC TV programmes, ‘It’s a Knockout’.  Using many of the original props and some well-crafted new ones, the day takes place on a huge sports field complete with all the water traps and slippery slides that you’d expect.


Expect big belly laughs and plenty of memorable moments!



What to wear: Considering the nature of this activity, we would advise wearing casual clothing along with a set of clothes to change into  and to bring a towel.


Minimum group size: 8


Duration: Approximately three hours


Available time slots: Please ensure that you arrive at 12.30pm. The event will start at 1pm, the duration of the event is dependent on the number of teams but it could last anywhere between 1.5 and 3 hours, starting at 1pm each Saturday but you must arrive by 12.30pm for the safety briefing. 


You will compete against many other stags, hens and merrymakers on the day.  Depending on numbers, groups will be split into teams of 8-12 people. 




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