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Belly Dancing *Leicester*

Try our fun and quirky Belly Dancing Class and spend the afternoon giggling with your friends and learning that your hips really do not lie.

  • Venue hire
  • Professional choreographer
  • Two hour activity
  • Shimmy your way to the top


Product Description

Belly Dancing Parties are a great activity for a Hen Party. Originating from Greece and the Middle East, this cultured dance style has been made widely popular by Latin American superstar Shakira.


Work your stomach and hips as you perform and try out some hip and chest rotations, vertical and horizontal rolls, hip lifts, shimmies, camels, snake arms and ripples!  Not forgetting the Egyptian walk of course! As you perform the wide range of techniques, you’ll get to discover the beauty and power of your body as well!


Your group will be provided with belly dancing hip belts which will give the class an authentic feel and really get them in the mood. You will learn a series of basic rotations (hips/chest, vertical/horizontal, rolling), undulations (camels, snake arms/ripples), shimmies (Egyptian, shoulder/muscle), Figures of Eight and Hip lifts/tacs and Hip Drops, all of which will be put into a routine.



What to wear: You will be provided with some fantastic hip belts to make sure you really get in the mood for the Belly Dancing Class. We do suggest that you come in loose clothing that you can dance in and flat soft shoes. Crop tops and long flowing skirts are a great option.


Minimum group size: Ten


Duration: Two hours


Available time slots: Between 12:00 and 17:00


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