Introducing Tag Archery

Tag Archery, or Combat Archery is taking the UK by storm and is a great activity for your Stag Party.
A cross between Dodgeball and Paintball, two teams face each with a bow and arrow and basically try to shoot each other! Yep – really! Worry not, the tips of the arrows are covered in foam, and thankfully you do get to wear a mask! But you and your buddies will have a blast with the many games that are played during a session!
If you are planning a Stag Do you really should consider this activity as one of your Stag Party Ideas.
Available in Birmingham, Blackpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Swansea, Brighton, Bristol, Newcastle, Liverpool, Staffordshire, York, Bournemouth, Nottingham, Chester and other Uk Cities.

Cocktail Masterclass – What’s it all about?

One of our most popular Hen Party activities is most certainly a Cocktail Masterclass. The art of cocktail making is indeed a skillful one, with shakers, muddlers and mallets there is a lot to getting that Cosmopolitan just right!

But with a fun filled and booze fueled 90 minutes, our Cocktail Masters can show you how to mix, shake, stir and strain the perfect drink!

The Cocktail Masterclass Hen Party is a great activity for all ages and includes a welcome drink, flavoured Vodka Shots, fun games and cocktail demos along with experiencing the history, tools and skills of mixology, whist you get behind the bar and work your way through a range of your favourite classic cocktails. Paired with canapes to enhance the cocktail taste and a choice of food options after the masterclass, this Hen Party activity is a great choice. Stag and Hen City offer this activity in most UK Cities including our most popular cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cardiff, Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, York, Nottingham, Chester and Blackpool, along with many other Cities.

Get your Hen Party started and ask us about including A Cocktail Masterclass in your perfect party package!

Contact us on 01782 454595 or take a look at what offers we have on our facebook page!



Looking for a Hen Party in 2016? You need to be quick!

So, the wedding is organised, you know the venue – the dress is going go look awesome and the Save the Dates are out!

The only essential item to tick off now is that all important Hen Party! So, when is the best time to get that epic party booked?

Well – Now!!!!

We know, it’s January, it’s cold and there is plenty of time right? Wrong! Not if you want the best deals on a date you want that is!

January and February are the biggest months of the year for Stags and Hens to book and arrange the party to end all parties! And because of that, activities and accommodation gets booked up very quickly! And the more they get booked up – the more likely your chosen date won’t be available and if it is, it’s likely the price will be higher.  Gone are the days of last minute deals as more and more brides and grooms to be get in early to secure a party to be remembered. Or forgotten depending on the level of Tequila consumed on the night!!

This month has seen more bookings than ever with Stag and Hen City, but worry not. There is still time to bag a party that will be biblical!

Getting a great price or the date you want isn’t the only benefit of booking early. It also allows guests plenty of time to book any work holidays needed, and gives plenty of time to make their payments towards the big day! With our Personal Party Area, your guests can simply log in and make payments monthly if they wish!

So, what are your waiting for? Don’t leave it too late! This is the party of your life!!!

Check out our offers at

Hen Parties arn't boring with Stag and Hen City

Booking a Hen Party in 2016? You had better be quick!

Need to arrange a Stag or Hen Party, do don’t know where to start?

It’s a daunting task! Your buddy has given you the honour of arranging their last night of freedom for people you don’t know and you haven’t got a clue where to start!
What do you do?
Things of changed from back in the old days of a simple pub crawl and a curry, people now expect to be wowed with an epic party, a party that will be talked about for years to come, a party that the bridesmaids will still be giggling about as they help the bride walk down the aisle and the stags gather at the bar after the wedding reception with roars of laughter patting the best man on the back for a job well done!
Wow! What pressure! What can you possible organise that will live up to all these expectations?
All UK Cities now are geared up for Stag and Hen Parties with tons of ideas and activities with popular destinations such as Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Blackpool all being firm favourites.


And a large city doesn’t mean that the outdoor types are forgotten about. Stag and Hen City have venues in all cities that offer activities such as Quad Bikes, Off-Road Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Paintballing, It’s a Knockout Courses (a firm favourite) and even Hovercraft Racing.
For the energetic type a dance class is a very popular choice for the Hens. From a Bollywood themed class to learning the Can-Can, from Burlesque to a Thriller routine – these classes are a sure fire hit to break the ice on a Hen Party and get you all well in the party mood!
Now that you are all best buddies its time to hit the town with a Cocktail Masterclass being a hugely fun way learn the ropes of making (and drinking) your favourite cocktails! Plenty of drinks and plenty of games offer great Hen Entertainment.
For the boys – beer tasting, casino nights, grey hound racing, a party bus tour or a comedy club can help you get in the party mood after a day’s activities that include the new to the scene footgolf and zorb football.

The night is still young so why not grab a bite to eat from an Italian restaurant, a steak night or the good old curry before treating your guests to VIP bar and Night Club entry.
An overnight Stag or Hen friendly hotel stay recharges you for another days adventures, or simply head home on your organised coach, mini-bus or party bus. And of course, don’t forget the Stag and Hen party t-shirts, costumes and novelties!
Tons of ideas, and a lot of work to put it all together – but where to start?

Start by calling Stag and Hen City on 01782 454595 or email us on or simply send us an enquiry via our website and let us do it all for you!
We have years of experience in organising the very best Stag or Hen Party, with the very best venues that give us the very best prices!
We can make you feel epic by helping you organise the party of your life, we can help you stand at the bar at that wedding with your head held high – your new found friends applauding your party organising skills and you name will be remembered forever!

You have been chosen to make this party a good one. Its time to shine my friend. It’s time to shine!!

Incredibly Photogenic Goat

Nothing to do with Stags or Hens.


But we like it and its taking the internet by Storm!


It’s the Incredibly Photogenic Goat!


Why not indeed.

Incredibly Photogenic Goat