Introducing Olympic Shames


This one goes out to all the Hens. What better way to spend your Hen Do than watching your party guests make complete fools of themselves!

Olympic Games will offer guaranteed laughs with a competitive edge and with games like “Is it in yet” and “Do your balls hang low” you just know these games will go down a treat!

Think of Olympic Shames as the naughtier adult version of sports day. This event includes a variety of games which will have you working together with your team to be the ultimate winners. Which hen will have the best twerking technique and hip movements?

The event starts with our coordinator getting you in to 2 teams. Each game will be described, and if you’re really lucky you’ll get a demo by our coordinator before starting. Our event will include many of the below games:

Twerk off
Moves like Jagger
Knee Trembler
Aladdin (Indoors only)
Do your Balls Hang Low
Head Banger
Is it in yet?

A perfect activity for your Hen Party and a sure winner to make your Hen Weekend one to remember!!

Available nationwide!